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Relocation Services


Relocation services includes a range of internal business processes that are engaged to transfer employees , their families, entire departments of a business to a new work place. These processes are usually administered by human resources within a organization and outsourced to different types of service providers.

Such business processes can include domestic, residential services where an employee  moves within a country or state as well as international relocation services which include planning for diplomats, managers  working abroad. An agency providing such service directs and manages the process of relocation including arranging necessary documents, finding  a new home , finding a school for children, finding a job etc.


Perceived  relocation costs are easier to identify and therefore receive the most critical attention. Real costs are the sum of all direct and indirect expenses associated with the transfer. Relocation cuts across many areas, including travel, transportation, human resources, payroll. 

The average cost of single global assignment is typically two or three times the employees’s annual salary. Much of the value or return  an employer can expect from expensive global assignments come from the network the  expatriates develop and the opportunity to exchange the skills and knowledge both outside and inside the workplace.


We as such invite all Foreign nationals and expatriates coming over here to seek our hassle free and most courteous relocation services in India at most competitive prices.

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