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Property Management is a most vital area especially for those who have properties in a particular area  but are stationed at far flung places due to their business / service engagements . Property Management is a very vast subject dealing with maintenance of properties in professional manner, besides attending to timely payments of its tax liabilities, water / electricity / backup charges, leasing and collecting of timely rentals as well as advising the principal of its market value from time to time and market trends prevailing  in the market as also in easy and smooth  sale of the property, Incase of need. 

Property if not maintained properly deteriorates day by day. Non  payment of its maintenance charges to the developer or concerned agency / association sometimes results in disconnection of water and backup connections etc . Besides , non payment of electricity bills, property tax etc can lead to unpleasant situations of disconnection of electric supply and even attachment of property. Besides this If it is not kept properly neat and clean and its upkeep like paint / polishing is not taken care of , the same loses its sheen and salability at times of need.




Such properties are also likely to be on lease basis and for collection of timely rentals and also incase of emergent needs  of repairs required to the property , their must be someone to look after such affairs . But due to inability of property owners to look after the affairs of such property owing to their business/ service engagements outstation , one must give due care for its day to day maintenance , upkeep, repairs and or timely payments of its tax liabilities etc by engaging or hiring services of an efficient agency.


Keeping in mind the requirement of such property owners , Syndicate Incorporation is extending its specialized services to keep the property owners tension free of these difficulties at a very reasonable rate  and would be pleased to extend its services for taking care of the properties of their valuable customers . Syndicate Incorporation takes care of advising the owners  of the prices of their property from time to time as also to advise them about property trends in the market . It also undertakes to lease out or sell the properties of their clients at best possible price incase of need. For availing such services please contact us and we shall be glad to provide you with our consultation free of cost.


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